March 27, 2011

|fishing day|

Using up some more goodies my pals mailed me to get me going!  :)

I used the bubble wrap technique Leslie showed on the Shimmerz blog.  THANKS Les!

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I randomly sprayed Shimmerz Vibez (Sunset Strip, Before Dawn, Jeni Bleu) on wax paper.  Dabbed my piece of bubble wrap in it then pressed it on my paper.  I continued to do that until I covered my paper.

March 21, 2011

|love you|

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Thanks to my sweet pal Leslie Ashe for sending me every little goody it took to create this page!  THANKS LES, love ya!  Wendy is gettin' her groove back.  :)

Here's a card I created just for Leslie to thank her for the 30 pounds of stuff she sent me and for just bein' there for me all the time!  ♥♥♥

March 16, 2011


Disposable Coffee Cup Twine Dispenser

  • Disposable travel coffee cup (mine had two layers to it)
  • 1 – sheet patterned paper
  • 1 – sheet cardstock
  • Paper piercer
  • Adhesive
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments

1.  Peel off the outer layer of the coffee cup to use as your stencil.  Lay your stencil out on your patterned paper of choice and trace.  Next, cut it out and adhere to the outside of your cup.
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2.  Turn your lid upside down and trace the inner edge onto your cardstock and cut it out.  Adhere it to the top of the lid.

3.  With your paper piercer, pierced holes around the edge of the lid (for your twine to pull through).  I have marked mine with a white pen to show you. 

4.  Decorate with your chosen embellishments and feed the ends of your twine through the holes you’ve created.  Place the lid back on and voila, you’re done!

March 13, 2011

|you & me us ♥ 2|

Thank YOU Leslie for all the awesome goodies you shared with me to make this page!