January 8, 2012

| i have moved |

My blog!  :)  It's officially moved (Typepad is working on moving my previous posts over).  
Here's the link:

If you followed this blog please change the link!  If you didn't... follow me now!  :)

January 7, 2012

| transferring |

I'll be transferring my blog on over to Typepad soon.

Working out the bugs, adding my design, trying to transfer my posts over which isn't going well.  I used to be on Typepad years ago and love the versatility of being able to have albums and such.

So keep you eyes peeled and I'll let you know when I do it.

Hoping later today... hoping.

January 4, 2012

| goodbyes |

Always so hard to say goodbye..

Sure it's a common thing and people do it everyday, but does that make it any less heartbreaking?  I say not.  He leaves every 6 weeks... gone for 4 weeks and home for 2.  It's hard for me... hard to not see his face every day... hard to not hug him randomly... hard to not snuggle with him when it's nigh night time.  Wahhhhh!  I'm such a baby.

I'll definitely be scrapping this photo!

He left only 4 short hours ago, but I already miss the heck outta him!  Love you Brandon!  {like he's gonna see this, lol.}

December 26, 2011

| updated pics of my new scrapbook room/office |

Just wanted to share some pics of my new scrapbook room/office...
The bookcases are from Wal-Mart.  The tall ones were $27 each and the small ones $16 each.  THANKS Les for the idea! 
Mirror from Hobby Lobby.  Used a 40% off coupon.  :)  The wire stand that the sprays are in was also from HL on clearance.
Round table from Pier 1.  It used to be our dining table when we were in the apartment.  I LOVE IT so I was bound and determined to still use it somehow.  :)  The table lamp is from Target.
Cute little bins from the $1 bin at Target.
A not so good pic.  :)
Wall racks from Home Goods!  LOVE THEM!  They hold my alphabet stickers, rub-ons and regular stickers.
We're heading to Palm Springs this weekend so of course we'll be going to Ikea where I'm sure I'll find some new bins, possibly a cute little chair for the corner where the tall floor lamp is and some shelves for the wall.  LOVE me some Ikea!

December 21, 2011

| oahu page |

Here's another page I created the other day.  Planning on finishing up unboxing all those scrap goodies Les sent me!  :)