January 17, 2011


Here's a little somethin' I worked on today.  Since I no longer have scrap supplies all you scrappers might cringe at the fact that I used a hot glue gun and Elmers craft glue.  LOL  But wth, I like it!  I did happen to have ONE piece of patterned paper to use on it.

I used some felt goodness from my Etsy shop {heart, button & cloud}.  The red hearts I made from polymer clay and the cute buttons are from Tessa Anns Etsy shop.  As most of you know my hubby works out of town and he just left for 6 1/2 weeks so I needed a little somethin' to put next to my computer so I could see his cute mug.  :)


  1. and you just don't KNOW how excited I am to see you making things again!

  2. I love it! Who cares what kind of glue you use, I won't call the "acid/lignin free" police on ya! (wink wink!!)

  3. Such a cute layout girl!! Love that you "scrapped" a little!! Yay for having a new personal blog too, got ya bookmarked!!


  4. Awww....I think it turned out fab sweets..LOVE this new blog..following you of course!
    I posted a pic especially for you last night on Facebook....lmao!!!!


  5. I love it! I won't be tattling on you either :) I'm so glad you have a personal blog again!

  6. I love it! I am hoping that we start seeing more of your gorgeous work. xoxo

  7. well it's about time ;) YAY for you creating! bummer hubby is away for that long though. glad you are back to bloggin :)

  8. YAY!!!!!! I LOVE that you got crafty again. I LOVE that you did this, I LOVE that your yummy work is up there for all of us to oogle at again!!

    xoxoxo - my sweet friend.


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