January 4, 2012

| goodbyes |

Always so hard to say goodbye..

Sure it's a common thing and people do it everyday, but does that make it any less heartbreaking?  I say not.  He leaves every 6 weeks... gone for 4 weeks and home for 2.  It's hard for me... hard to not see his face every day... hard to not hug him randomly... hard to not snuggle with him when it's nigh night time.  Wahhhhh!  I'm such a baby.

I'll definitely be scrapping this photo!

He left only 4 short hours ago, but I already miss the heck outta him!  Love you Brandon!  {like he's gonna see this, lol.}

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  1. It's still hard. Hugs! I know first hand how that feels. My husband used to be gone one month at a time when Alex was little, but he did get to stay home for longer periods in between. I hope that the time flies while he is gone.


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