November 7, 2011

|been a while|

I haven't been on this thing in a while!  Winter is here, cold as heck in Henderson.  Time to bust out the scarves and winter jacket.  YES!  I've been hitting' the qym and login' the results.  This pic was taken after about 3 months of my new workout routine...
Yeah!  Also been back at my books studying and thanks to my genius Husband I have a tutor.  YES!  Just what I needed.  I so easily get off track and overwhelmed with how much of this info they want you to cover.  Not that you need to know it all or even know it for the test, but still have to read it and I hate reading.  LOL  Oh and we meet at Starbucks which means I get a yummy coffee.  What I'm drinking from there now...  Triple Grande Latte (Going to start with the decaf now though.  I LOVE the flavor of coffee... I mean, LOVE IT, but I don't need the caffeine so I'm going to ditch that.)

I know we just got back from NYC, but we're heading to Hawaii this Saturday!  I'm excited for what I hope to be some nice relaxing, deep thought, fun, moments with my Hubby that we're in much need of.  Plus the weather won't hurt either!  ;)

Who doesn't need a new lipgloss for vacation?  LOL  This one is the perfect barely sparkly pink.  Hubby likes pink, he says it's girly.  I'm not a huge pink fan of anything.  But hey, that pink looks damn good on my lips!  :D

While we're gone I'm gonna miss these two.  :(  But we have a babysitter for them coming to stay at our house thanks to my Mom!!!  Very relieved, it's like leaving your kids, except maybe worse.  LOL  That's all I've got for now, not exciting, but it's something.  :)

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  1. 1) you look HOT - you're doing great!
    2) jealous of your trip..have fun!
    3) yeah, thanks for making me get yet another tube of pinkness. LOL! love it though!
    4) your babies are so cute. I'd pup sit anyday!


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