November 9, 2011

|what to eat before/what to eat after workouts|

I had a request for some ideas of what to eat before a workout so I'm going to give those along with what to eat after a workout which generally is THE most important part. :)  

What do I have before I workout?  
  • Vega Pre-Workout Drink along with a little protein.  Maybe a couple tablespoons of an organic peanut butter or a small handful of nuts.  (This is my preference!)
  • You can also have half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Of course use organic no sugar added jelly.
  • Healthy granola bar with a little smear of organic no sugar added peanut butter.
Your goal is carbs for pre-workout!  Don't go crazy though.  LOL   :)  Of course there are many pre-workout drinks out there, this one is just my preference.  That will give your muscles the energy for your workout and to keep them from getting completely depleted.  You should feel GREAT after a workout and energized!

What do I have after I workout?
  • Vega Post-Workout Protein along with a piece of fruit.  Like an apple or a banana.  (I ALWAYS have a protein drink after workout.  You only have 30 minutes post-workout to get protein and carbs back into your system for them to do your muscles any good.)  I love the chocolate flavor and this one is my preference because it has your full Branch Chain Amino Acids and there is no soy in it.  :)  A protein drink is the fastest absorbing way to get that protein in and the fruit is perfect for your carbs!
  • I don't really consider anything else a great option because when you eat something like tuna or peanut butter for your protein it isn't going to absorb as quickly and remember, you have that short window of time.
Happy workouts and nutrition to all of you!


  1. Thanks Wendy! I think I understand a little better. :-)

  2. Thank you Wendy! I'll see if I can find the Vega protein. Love the idea that I can actually have some peanut butter - woohoo! lol :) I'll look for the organic no sugar kind. I think I saw it at Sprouts, my local health grocery store, just this weekend - cool, thanks!


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