November 25, 2011

|favorite vegetarian/vegan cookbooks & blogs|

I've had people ask me for advice on my favorite cookbooks and blogs for healthy eating.
So here goes...
My FIRST veggie cookbook!  I found it by doing a search online and came across her blog and videos.  I'll put the link to it later in my post.  It has your basic vegan recipes that you'd probably want to start out with if you're thinking of going veggie or just choosing to eat better a couple days a week.
Brandon and Shon got me this a couple Christmas' ago.  It literally has EVERYTHING in it!  In there is my prized all time favorite soup which has never failed me with friends who came by, including my Mom.  It's a winner!  I think it's called "Harvest Vegetable & Barley Soup"!  It's amazing!

This is a recently purchased cookbook and the recipes are fantastic in it!  Especially the oatmeal cookies (I did modify them a tad so there'd be less fat).  I haven't made anything I didn't like yet, including...  chickpea tacos!  Which were divine and seriously tasted just like a taco!

This is my newest cookbook.  I had to take a picture of mine so you could see how many recipes I have tagged to try!  LOL  I love cookbooks where you don't need a million ingredients to make something and this one is far from that.  It's fantastic!  Recipes from Thai Veggie Burgers to Chipotle Lime Tempeh Tacos to Tofu Ricotta Gnocchi.  Lots of desserts in there too.  I typically modify recipes a tad to my own liking and I like to adjust them so the carb to protein ratio is a little less carb and more protein, but all in all it looks great.  I'm making my grocery list in a few minutes and I plan on trying a few recipes.

Now on to the blogs.  This first one is seriously AMAZING!  She has so many recipes and the majority of them have to pass her kids taste to make it on there...
Fat Free Vegan

Chef Chloe

Peas and Thank You (Author of the Peas and Thank You book)

Post Punk Kitchen (Author of Vegan with a Vengeance)

Choosing Raw

I don't ever try to sway anyone to be vegetarian/vegan because it is a choice.  So please don't tease, make fun of, bash, or try to pressure a vegetarian/vegan to eat meat.  It's just plain rude!!!  Yes, it happens to me all the time.  It's a personal choice and I made that choice over 4 years ago and I'm very proud of myself!
Do I urge you to try some recipes and cut out a little meat for health reasons... yes!

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