November 26, 2011

|project life|

Y'all know I've been wanting to get back into scrapping.  Mostly to document life.  BUT I've not been making time for it and I find that those big ole 12x12 pages to be a bit daunting now.  Yeah, I know... I "used" to be a big ole scrapping "suppa stah", bwahahahaha... Kidding!  But seriously, I do want to document things.  So I ordered the Project Life kit in hopes of gettin' busy with it.

I see Ali Edwards Project Life creation and seriously love it!  So I will make it a goal to work on it a little each week and see how that goes.  :)

Here's some images of Ali's Project Life album.  I hope it's ok that I snagged them.  Eak!!!  They're on Pinterest so I think it's ok.  All credit is to Ali Edwards!  :)

Ps...  I'm totally envious of her gorgeous handwriting!


  1. Love Ali's album. Wish mine looked like hers. :D You will love doing Project life.

  2. Cant wait to see what you do with it....scrapbook supah funny how time changes what we do huh? Im sure you are gonna be GREAT again!!

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  3. you'll be fine, you always are, SO happy to see you coming back to the craft that you loved so much and was how i met you. i'm so lucky i did. hugs!


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