December 7, 2011

| friends, know when to hold em'... |

know when to fold em'! There's one friend of mine that has really brightened up my life. Who I met through that crazy craft filled with creative people, jealous people, happy people and well... if you scrapbook you know what I mean. :)  Anyway, we started chatting and became super GREAT friends and I love her to death...

{created waaaaaay back in 2006}

We've been through thick and thin together and still can count on each other. :) And we have had some serious laughter bouts!  {right Les?}  We send packages, texts, messages... She just sent me a HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE heavy 17 pound box of goodness that I'll share a pic of.
 It should be here tomorrow.
As I venture back into this crazy craft of scrapbooking I know I can count on her! Love ya Les!

She is AMAZINGLY talented!  She makes me wanna scrapbook again.  :)


  1. I remember that day! (well both of those days!)
    they were so FUN. You've been such a great friend, Wen. Ups, downs, ins & outs...I know I can count on you!
    I adore you like no tomorrow!
    Thanks for brightening my life!

    Your layout is so cute. I wish I knew WHAT we were laughing so hard at.
    Wait, we didn't even need anything. We just looked at each other and you started. Wait, don't do that...LOL!

    Love you.

  2. How fabulous that the two of you found each other and stuck like glue!! (pun intended!!) xo

  3. Yay! Cheers to great friends like Les that LAST a lifetime. SO happy you are getting back into the!

  4. Aww--I love this!! This crazy hobby drew me to my closest friend, too. Love that u have each other!


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