December 3, 2011

| the tree is up...|

Our Holiday card this year!  I only ordered 25, so if you don't get one in the mail... consider this your card. LOL
I think that could mean there's some scrappin' photos that will be available.  :)  Brandon isn't home until the 15th and I couldn't wait that long to put the tree up!  It's an oldy, bought it in 2005, so we'll probably be ready for a new one next year.  But I love it... all white and pretty.  I couldn't decide on fewer pics to post because I like them all.  BUT I realized I don't have our first ornament together on the tree yet.  I'll have to put that on there.  We also have two other trees (just didn't put them up yet), one is Shon's with all the ornaments he made in school and an ornament we bought each year.  Then Bonloe and Boaz have their own tree also.  :)

Our ornament from last year when we moved into our new house.
This years ornament, says 2011 in the middle.


  1. Love your card and that tree!!! It looks so pretty with all the bright ornaments.

  2. The tree looks AMAZING and thanks for my 'virtual' card, it's SO nice of you, lol. Love you!


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